Something I worked up last week when Team Sam & Gabe hit the road with some gifts for our honouree kids. The part where we were stuffed into the car and drowning in balloons was my favourite. I love my job!

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Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones. Fantastically gory.

Getting To Know (Me). A little 6-minute video I put together for my team day last week. In case you wanted the story till now.

*spoiler warning: contains Star Wars

**and a bunch of shit from my movies when I was a teenager

***and at least six mistakes but hey, one step before perfection amirite?

David Ehrlich’s video essay of his top 25 films of 2013 is so compelling that it

a) makes me pretty much agree with every single one of his choices, even the ones I haven’t seen*,

and b) makes me think writing “best of” lists at the end of the year is officially past its stale-date. The supercut is the future.

*fuck, I am in trouble here. Have not seen many of them, as usual, but this montage makes me want to see, immediately: Gatsby, Leviathan, The Grandmaster, 12 Years a Slave, Touch of Sin, Llewyn Davis, Frances Ha, Post Tenebras Lux, Broken Circle Breakdown, and The Wind Rises**. Among other things, I apparently made horrible choices at TIFF. Also, whatever version of The Act of Killing I saw, it wasn’t that version.

**I won’t be seeing Pain and Gain. Sorry.

All my #TIFF13 Vine reviews, strung together. Ends up feeling about as schizophrenic as the week itself.

New Zealand at 15fps - Stealing a trick from Dave, here are all my photos from our trip to New Zealand in March, in about four and a half minutes.

"How am I going to inject the cheese?" Happy 4th of July, America.

There is no filmmaking any more; there is only this

(I’m told some or all of this video will only work in certain browsers, and who knows about mobile, which is kind of weird, when you think about it.)

If there’s one thing that consumer innovation in the 21st century has consistently taught us, it’s that if there’s something you do really well, you try to make your thing like what the other guy does really well at your great peril. ([cough]BlackBerry[cough]). And so we have Vine vs. Instagram, which is a hoot, but only because both platforms seem to think we give a fuck, which we don’t. Each - Vine/Twitter and Instagram - had a perfectly defined niche in which they were thriving. Now they’re trying to overlap, and the results will be a metric ton of fuckup.

All that said, I’m interested (more often than not) in the influence that form has on content, so when I was walking over to the Tulip last weekend to hang out with Home Fries, I decided to make my Vine and Instagram accounts talk to each other, mostly because I wanted to push through the remaining features that make each platform unique, and see if those features could be used to speak to storytelling. Anyway, here’s the result:

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Instagram does video now. Vine, you’re dead.
The ability to edit. The ability to re-take. Filters. YOU’RE DEAD, VINE. YOU’RE DEAAAADDDD.

Instagram does video now. Vine, you’re dead.

The ability to edit. The ability to re-take. Filters. YOU’RE DEAD, VINE. YOU’RE DEAAAADDDD.

Going on an adventure