Mamo #376: How To Stick The Landing At #TIFF14

Mamo closes up the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival with talk of our favourite films, the Audience Choice winners, and the noticeable movements of the year – plus, hairy boobs.

Mamo #375: How To Find A Great Movie At #TIFF14

Does TIFF have a gala problem? We look at the festival’s changing relationship with red carpet premieres and superstar filmmakers as Team Mamo charts a weirder course through international filmmaking waters…

Mamo #374: How To Rock a Power Shot At #TIFF14

Join Mamo on Day 3 of the Toronto International Film Festival 2014 as we discuss Big Game, Tokyo Tribe, Tusk, and the status of the cult film in the Midnight Madness world!

Mamo #373: How To Wear A Beard At #TIFF14

Reporting live (actually it’s a podcast) from the first night of the Toronto International Film Festival 2014! We pick our top five anticipated films for the week ahead, and since there’s nothing better to do we get into the real question: WTF is with that beard.

Drinkalong Episode 30 – The Fermentations Signature Beer Challenge

Lemme tell ya something - I did the 1984 episode of The Dew Over with a bit of drinky in my winky; and then got press-ganged into a previously scheduled Drinkalong where I consumed 4 beers, and the results were spectacular. Join me, Jamie Dew, Casey Lyons (who now swears he’ll never appear on Mamo!), and Dave and Jeremy as we talk about home brew, and every single other thing that comes to our addled minds.

The Dew Over Episode 15 - Best Picture: 1984

In which I join Jamie Dew, Alia Miller, and Andrew “Parkerrrr” Parker in a discussion of all things 1984, which turns out to have been the pop culture movie lodestone of the 1980s - and had some pretty decent Oscar movies too. Listen here!

Mamo #372: Canon Ball, Too!

Mamo returns to the subject of film canon, for an even broader and stranger discussion of aging aesthetics, DVD ownership, death and cinema, and Emmerich/Devlin’s overlooked 1996 masterpiece: Independence Day.

Mamo #371: Unexpected Pregnancies at TIFF 2014

It’s film festival time! As Matt & Matt prepare to step into their complex plans for the Toronto International Film Festival 2014, it’s time to have a quick look through the book and talk about the programs and films that are getting it done this year. Madness! Vanguard! Docs! Masters! It’s all here!

Mamo #370: Goodnight Neverland

Mamo gathers to discuss the life and death of Robin Williams.

Mamo #369: Groot

Podcasts bring podcasters together! We welcome Greg LeGros from the Modern Superior oligarchy onto the show to talk about space raccoons and blue fellows named Yondu, and all the other things that Marvel seems to be able to do without breaking a sweat – all while Sony and DC sweat balls over their rest-of-the-decade tentpole plans.