Mamo #367: Declension

Now that Matt Price has caught up with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we’re both fairly convinced that the end of the world is nigh. Also, movies aren’t fun any more.

Mamo #366: The Godfather, Part IV: Don of the Planet of the Apes

What’s up, Mamo listeners? This week we talk Apes, Marvel, Thor, Avengers, home video, money, and Hellboy 3. So, basically, what we always talk about.

The Dew Over Episode 10 - Best Picture: 1979

My smellhound, Geech, guest stars on this do-over of the 1979 episode of thedewover, in which Kramer goes up against Kramer, and the Apocalypse is Now.

Mamo #365: Tammyknockers

Mamo reflects on the worst 4th of July weekend in 30 years of moviegoing, by way of ruminations upon Tammy, Transformers, The Sandman, TIFF, and Roger Ebert’s life itself (and its consequences for the documentary Life, Itself).

The Dew Over Cheeseburger Chat: Matt Brown

In which I eat a cheeseburger with Sir James of the Dew, and we talk about stuff of a far-ranging nature. Listen here!

Mamo #364: TransFOURmers

Join us in the sultry, semi-sexual heat of a Barrie Ontario long weekend as we discussTrans4mers, the Chinese, and the nature of “evil”; Rian Johnson, Star Wars, and the new crop of blockbuster directors; and Predator 4, worldbuilding, and why people need to get over it. Happy summer, Mamo listeners!

Mamo #363: No More TIFF

In which the gentlemen of Mamo arrive at the corpse of the straw-broken camel that is TIFF’s most recent pricing upgrade, and wonder if enough is finally enough.

The Matineecast Episode 114: How To Train Your Dragon 2

"You can host, but I get to operate the snuffer." Join me and that dude McNeil for my fourth (!) appearance on the Matineecast, in which we discuss all things dragon-y: How To Train Your Dragon 2, Dragonslayer, Reign of Fire, and me. Listen here.

Mamo #362: Kung Fu Dragon Too

How To Train Your Dragon 2 did NOT set the box office on fire as we all expected, reminding us of another big ticket sequel from a few years back which also underperformed. Does Dreamworks have a sequel problem?

Mamo #361: How To Train Your Batman

It’s the movie many of has pegged as the blockbuster of the summer – Mamo talks How To Train Your Dragon 2! Plus that enormous Nikki Finke Justice League rumour, which may not (strictly speaking) be “true” but certainly is “interesting.” Strap on your squirrel suit and let’s fly…