the DewOver | episode one: 1973

NEW PODCAST! My friend and colleague Jamie Dew invented The Dew Over a few months back, during Oscar season, wherein a panel of folk would come together and hash over the Best Picture nominees of any particular year in the Oscar’s history. We kicked things off in 1973 in an episode featuring myself, Price, and friends. It’s like Mamo! met Time Bandits, went on a date, had a pretty okay time, got to laughing about how awful A Touch of Class is, and were halfway home before they pulled the car over and decided to fuck, and then nine months later, BOOM: Dew Over. Listen here.

Mamo #347: Days of Future Last

Summer begins now! Welcome to the annual Mamo Summer Box Office Competition, and this, our kickoff episode – in which the Matts lay out their vague theories on how things will go down in the domestic marketplace for the summer of 2014.

Listen to the episode, and post your contest entry, here.

Mamo #346: Convergent

Matt and Matt deconstruct the mid-range success of the high-expectations Divergent, walks away from Muppets Most Wanted, and announces the 2014 Mamo Road Trip.

Mamo #345: Veronica Mamo

10 years after Serenity, what do we make of the latest fanbase-cum-motion-picture boondoggle, Veronica Mars, and its digital-download boondoggle, UltraViolet? Plus conversation about The Grand Budapest Hotel, Ghostbusters III, Star Wars VII, and more vidja game movies. Also, be careful: we speak out about Apple, which apparently carries vast cosmic karmic consequences.

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Mamo #344: Narrative

News about TIFF Kids, the Time Bandits Podcast, and Shorts That Are Not Pants; followed by further discussion of narrative and storytelling in the genres we call “video game movies” and “comic book movies.” It’s a Marvel! Join us.

Time Bandits Episode 31 – The Abyss, Deepstar Six, Leviathan, and Billy Joel’s Stormfront

In which my hetero lifemate Matt Price guest stars on the Time Bandits Podcast and talks about the three underwater movies from 1989, and I am sooooo fucking jealous. BENEATH THE OCEAN LIES THE FUTURE

Mamo #343: I Think She’s Had Work Done

Oscar fallout! Mamo welcomes special guest star Dan Gorman from See You Next Wednesday to discuss the Kim Novak / plastic surgery issue, as raised in the previous episode. Are women, Hollywood, beauty, youth, and our expectations a circular clustercuss?

Mamo #342: MamOscar 2014

Oscars 2014! This omnibus episode stitches together all 9 of the minisodes from last night’s Oscar telecast. Ellen, Slave, Gravity, selfies, Blanchett, McConnaughey, Hustle, Menzel, Midler, Minelli, the pizza guy and much, much more!

Mamoscar 2014

Want to keep up with the inane shenanigans of Team Mamo over the course of Oscar Eve? Go to our Tumblr site for Mamo Minisodes, which will drop onto the internet somewhere between 5 and 12 times over the course of the night. (Updates via the unmonitored Mamo twitter account.) Or follow Price and myself on twitter to see what two wankers on a couch where wanking “isn’t allowed” do with their time.

On a personal note, if Rob Ford and/or Jordan Catalano win an Academy Award, I will very likely freak out.

Mamo #341: That’s A Spicy Meatball

Mamo tries to get back on belated track as the Oscar ceremony roars toward us… we give you our Oscar picks, in case you still haven’t entered your office Oscar pool; talk Guardians of the Galaxy and general awesomeness; and hold a brief memorial for the brave, beautiful Mamo 340. And then Price nearly dies. It’s great! It’s Mamo.