Mamo #378: It’s Not Batman

As moviegoing continues to die and digital content takes over, we look at how Fox’s Gotham is getting it wrong, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (may be) getting it right, and Netflix is getting us all headed towards the future with its Crouching Tiger 2 deal. Plus, the velvet funnel.

Destroy All Monsters: GOTHAM And The Cult Of "Before"

"The premiere episode of Gotham, the new crime series set in the eponymous city circa the death of Bruce and Martha Wayne, nicely outlines the core emptiness of the prequel concept, and the Pavlovian audience response that continues to support their creation.”

In which I call for an end to prequels, even though I know it’ll never happen. Read more

"Lasiurus," Batman Begins. An all time favourite.

Mad geniuses at Hot Toys couldn’t quite get away with selling a 1/6 Bat, so they went for 1/12. Comes with 6” Bruce and Selina so they can go on their first date on your shelf forever.


Here’s to Batman, panic, and the 9-year anniversary of Mamo!

Here’s to Batman, panic, and the 9-year anniversary of Mamo!

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Batman is checking the frame, guys. Goodnight.

Batman is checking the frame, guys. Goodnight.

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Ah, being a boy.

Ah, being a boy.

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The year I wasn’t anything for Hallowe’en


When you’re 14 years old, the game is pretty much up, Hallowe’en-wise; or so I discovered, on or around the 31st of October, 1990, when I was - in fact - fourteen. I think we can all agree that I hit puberty when I was 13, depending on what you consider to be the advent of boy-puberty (I have my theories), and sometime between dressing up as Batman in the fall of ‘89 - because 1989 was, in all regards, Batman - and finding the most kickass mask ever to dress up as the Phantom of the Opera in 1990, I went over the ledge, hormone-wise, and consequently trick-or-treated in ‘90 looking absolutely nothing like a kid and way too much like an adult in the opinions of pretty much every parent who opened every door on St. Leonard’s Avenue that night.

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The natural expectation was that it would be Marvel vs. DC for control of the comic book movie universe; but with DC shitting the bed so spectacularly in the matter of setting up any non-Bat franchises, it’s actually gonna be Marvel vs. Fox - fought entirely with Marvel characters. Suits me fine; competition makes for a healthy marketplace. Here’s hoping Marvel never folds the Fox properties back under their umbrella.

DC’s 4” line bringing in Batman Returns and (the real) General Zod.