So, who remembers how it ends, anyway?

As it turns out, it does end; and having arrived at that point, I do in fact remember it. I’m very pleased to announce that Steve and I finaled the sound and FX of my new short film, Who Remembers How It Ends? last night - meaning that THIS M-F-ING MOVIE IS DONE*.

*pending some codec/outputting/technicalwhatchamacallit issues. Hey kids! Don’t use the H.264!

For a 3-minute movie based on true events**, Who Remembers How It Ends? went through a ball-slappingly lengthy evolution from script to screen, and was then built on the backs of voluntary, and yet blisteringly enthusiastic, efforts on the part of dozens of people. They built that elevator*** and made it fly****, and for the most part I just went along for the ride - and it was a true high point of not just this year, but my entire career.

**as far as the term “true” applies to perceptions when blisteringly drunk


****not a metaphor

I have zero plans at present in terms of how the movie will make its debut in the real world: film festival, private screening, online content, or other. If YOU would like to see the movie, though, let me know, and I will add you to the list of people who would like to see the movie.

Through the evolution of the movie, The Substream made a bunch of keenly useful Film Lab shorts about various aspects of our production, making this my very first “Film School In A Can” type project. You can learn aplenty by following these links: Location Scout, Building Flats, Prop House, Budget, Tungsten Package 1, Tungsten Package 2, Lighting. Yes, that’s total content around 40x the the length of the movie itself.

And on to the next thing(s): I’m priming a filmmaking project for the back half of the year at my place of employ - a huge opportunity, about which I will elaborate soon. And this afternoon, my Who Remembers? producer, the indomitable Kat G., submitted a proposal to Punk Films Now’s $1000 Feature Film Challenge - which means that on Monday, we find out if we’re making a feature film for under a thousand dollars end-to-end on a couple of weekends in July. The film’s called TRIMESTER - and right now, the dip-stick is in the urine, and we’re all waiting to see if we’re pregnant. Wish us many scary movie-babies.