Destroy All Monsters: BACK TO THE FUTURE and The Power of Love

In which I pause for a moment to consider time, destiny, masculinity, and really important kisses.

The Social Experiment: Halifax


Takeoff is into a fading alabaster sky and then we hit the turbulence; I realize rather late in the game that I’m flying without my good luck charm; and I realize somewhat later than that that I am a really, really superstitious person. No matter. We land in rainy-ass Halifax without incident, find a guy named Matt in the airport and take him with us to the hotel. At the hotel, the wind wails through a crack in my window all night long. It is astonishingly ghostly.

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The Social Experiment: The West


On the flight over to Vancouver I finally get some proper reading done. Takeoff is at 6:50 which means waking at an ungodly 4:30 in the morning for reasons best left to the marginalia, but I scorch through the back two thirds of Divisadero as we gallop over the Rockies. It’s a maddening, enthralling read. I don’t twig to the fact that it will be less of a story than a meta-narrative about how narratives reverberate until it’s too late; I’m invested in the lives of Anna, Coop and Claire right up till they land on an unspecified dead end and the novel jumps fifty years backwards in time and recounts the story of a writer in France before and during the war, and – in the style of an Ondaatje story – the single incandescent love of his life, and how he nearly never noticed he had one.

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Mamo #349: Batman vs. Superman vs. Disney vs. Warner Brothers vs. You, The Viewer

Bonus Mamo! Price has finally seen Captain America and reviewed the relevant documentation, and has determined that there’s nothing wrong with DC/Warner Brothers’ franchise development strategy after all. Brown, as you can imagine, is firmly Team Marvel/Disney. Conversation ensues. Join us!

The Social Experiment: Montreal


The brief is to travel with our channel forum roadshow, gathering video for use in unspecified later projects, and growing our twitter mindshare across the country. The latter is the sort of thing I should theoretically be able to accomplish, Oracle-like, from a bank of computers at the head office, but the former requires feet on the street, so I’m off to Montreal on the quick hop from Billy Bishop, bright and early on the first Thursday of April. I’m reading Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero, though I admittedly make a bit of a hash of my reading, given that the plane is already descending by the time it is halfway in the air, and the extraneous ferry ride from Toronto to the Island airport seems longer than the flight itself.

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Mamo #348: Not Captain America

Mamo returns! We talk Canadian Film Day, The Dew Over, and conduct a general roundtable about everything that isn’t Captain America 2.

The article referenced in the episode is here (spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier):

Destroy All Monsters: DIVERGENT Adaptations

In which I talk Game of Thrones, Divergent, The Hobbit, Hannibal, Watchmen, and all things related to adapting from previous work. Read more

Review - Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Lost Missions

"…it is the final arc in the series that gains The Clone Wars the most traction, an ambitious and thoughtful epic whose reach is enormous while never exceeding its grasp. The "Lost One" arc, four episodes long, ties together loose threads from throughout the Star Wars universe so cohesively that it transcends Prequel apology and becomes a reverberating spine that holds the whole effort - movies, and television series - together like sympathetically vibrating tuning forks."

I spent the weekend re-watching the Prequels with my co-pilot R2-D2, and spent Monday night tying off the last of the Clone Wars with the Netflix “Lost Missions” addendum. It was a good night. Read my review here.

the DewOver | episode one: 1973

NEW PODCAST! My friend and colleague Jamie Dew invented The Dew Over a few months back, during Oscar season, wherein a panel of folk would come together and hash over the Best Picture nominees of any particular year in the Oscar’s history. We kicked things off in 1973 in an episode featuring myself, Price, and friends. It’s like Mamo! met Time Bandits, went on a date, had a pretty okay time, got to laughing about how awful A Touch of Class is, and were halfway home before they pulled the car over and decided to fuck, and then nine months later, BOOM: Dew Over. Listen here.