Mamo #348: Not Captain America

Mamo returns! We talk Canadian Film Day, The Dew Over, and conduct a general roundtable about everything that isn’t Captain America 2.

The article referenced in the episode is here (spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier):

Destroy All Monsters: DIVERGENT Adaptations

In which I talk Game of Thrones, Divergent, The Hobbit, Hannibal, Watchmen, and all things related to adapting from previous work. Read more

Review - Star Wars: Clone Wars: The Lost Missions

"…it is the final arc in the series that gains The Clone Wars the most traction, an ambitious and thoughtful epic whose reach is enormous while never exceeding its grasp. The "Lost One" arc, four episodes long, ties together loose threads from throughout the Star Wars universe so cohesively that it transcends Prequel apology and becomes a reverberating spine that holds the whole effort - movies, and television series - together like sympathetically vibrating tuning forks."

I spent the weekend re-watching the Prequels with my co-pilot R2-D2, and spent Monday night tying off the last of the Clone Wars with the Netflix “Lost Missions” addendum. It was a good night. Read my review here.

the DewOver | episode one: 1973

NEW PODCAST! My friend and colleague Jamie Dew invented The Dew Over a few months back, during Oscar season, wherein a panel of folk would come together and hash over the Best Picture nominees of any particular year in the Oscar’s history. We kicked things off in 1973 in an episode featuring myself, Price, and friends. It’s like Mamo! met Time Bandits, went on a date, had a pretty okay time, got to laughing about how awful A Touch of Class is, and were halfway home before they pulled the car over and decided to fuck, and then nine months later, BOOM: Dew Over. Listen here.

Destroy All Monsters: Winter in the Captain's America

Boy, Marvel’s having one hell of a week, aren’t they? I talk Cap, the Winter Soldier, and villains in America in this week’s column. Read more

ST:TNG:5x26: Time’s Arrow


“It has occurred. It will occur.”

We’ve arrived at the point in modern Trek where a year-end cliffhanger episode is a given, rather than a storytelling flourish arrived at organically. “Time’s Arrow” should be perfectly wired for me – it’s Next Gen’s Back to the Future III episode – but like most of post-Season Four TNG, it’s lackluster and weak-willed, which I’ve described as “beige storytelling” over the course of this year. There’s less charisma and definition to the drama, and the beats play softly and without much impact. “Time’s Arrow” is perfectly serviceable as an idea for a story, but it’s not very exciting as an episode of a space adventure series.

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Get Your Tickets For Shorts That Are Not Pants April 2014!

Two weeks till showtime! Two short films by local irritant Demetre Eliopoulos will be screening in the program, both of which star ME and are therefore fabulous. Tickets for the April 17 screening available here.

My favourite place to never spend money


The Chapters at Richmond & John is closing, and everyone is very sad about it. I am very sad about it. This is a marker of how far we’ve come: when big box book stores like the Chapters at Richmond & John were driving the independent sellers like Pages out of business, we couldn’t stand the fucking places; now that they, too, are falling beneath the swords of the internet age, we’re all unbridled in our fury. Well, here we are.

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Destroy All Monsters: Pay the Writer?

I didn’t get paid to write this. Read more

Watched: Noah; Nymphomaniac


Now that’s a pairing; and were Nymphomaniac not its own double-feature, I might propose a double-feature. Both films are splendid. 2014 is off to a rollicking start. I don’t know that either would end up on my top ten list at the end of the year (although there’s ample time for the bottom to fall out of 2014, so who knows), but they are both kindred of my very favourite type of movie: the movie that just makes me glad it exists.

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