The end of The Substream, for which I’ve been providing written and video reviews for the better part of 2 years, is going on indefinite hiatus. When I say “the better part of 2 years,” I’m extending that beyond the colloquial to the specific: by and large, working with Mike and Rajo and the rest of the Substream team, since 2011 or thereabouts, has reliably been one of the better, even best, parts of those 2 years. It’s a deep and heavy loss to see the site go.

Matt Price and I ran into Mike and Rajo in line for Midnight Madness at TIFF ‘08 or ‘09 or thereabouts, and for a while they were just those weird dudes that did awesome video coverage of MM - which, as beats go, is one of the best ones. Something flipped over in 2010, though, as they became more aware of what we were doing with Mamo, and we became more aware of what they were doing with the Substream, and suddenly we were all up in each other’s shit in the best possible way. We started doing 2-minute critic reviews and Watch This Instead, and went into the roster of hosts for the same Midnight Madness coverage where we originally hooked up with these guys. Before long, there were seasonal previews of the content at the Lightbox, and more recently, the Very Important! Podcast. At the end of 2011, I started writing reviews for itself. I can say quite unabashedly that the whole thing has been one of the best and easiest creative partnerships of my life. Stuff like the Batman video? Bonus points. And I won’t go on at too much length about it because lord knows I’ve pestered you guys enough on this point, but From A To Bond is probably my favourite thing I’ve ever written about movies - ever.

Last year, too, the Substream threw all-in on my elevator movie idea - which would have gone absolutely nowhere without their support - and we besides building a fucking elevator together (well, Rajo built it; I watched), we made a short film that I’m incredibly proud of, and a series of behind-the-scenes how-to videos about the project’s creation as well. Between Kat, Mike, and Rajo, Who Remembers How It Ends was basically a dream-come-true from a production/creative standpoint - and those don’t come along too often.

Mike and Rajo are the sort of friends and collaborators I would follow into a war. No really: an actual war. I’m sad beyond words that the site is going away, but - of course - there on Day One of whatever they do next.

Watch This Instead: Jack the Giant Slayer

In which the effort to tell the story behind the story has seen better days.

The Very Important! Podcast | Episode 4: Look Who's Talking About Bruce Willis

The Very Important Dudes and one Dudette return to talk about the big Brucie, who is excellent in pretty much everything except Die Hard 5, as we discovered subsequent to recording this podcast. Still, it’s fun. Listen here.

Matt Price concludes Oscar week VIDADIFH episodes with Roger Deakins, who should win the Oscar on Sunday night just for the way he lights Sévérine in the enclosed Skyfall clip, to say nothing of all the other bajillion beautiful movies he’s lit in the last thirty years.

Matt Price drops by the Lightbox to drop some learnin’ on ya about the career of John Williams, up for the Oscar for Best Original Score for LINCOLN. He’s a Very Important Dude In Film History.

Review: A Good Day to Die Hard


Happy Valentine’s Day, fuck-os! Is it a good day to die hard? Read my review, just posted to the Substream.

FROM THE TEETH OF A BLIZZARD! Mike Cameron comes to you live from the planet Hoth to lay a smack down on IDENTITY THIEF.

The second-best podcasting team in the city getting it done. Listen to the results today on - The Very Important! Podcast, Episode 3!

The second-best podcasting team in the city getting it done. Listen to the results today on - The Very Important! Podcast, Episode 3!

Very Important! Episode 3: David O. Russell

I’ve seen about half of Russell’s movies so I sat comfortably in the host’s chair for ep. 3 of the Very Important! Podcast and let Norm Wilner, Mike Cameron, and Matt Price rassle it out about the ultimate value of David O. Russell’s career. Didn’t make me love Silver Linings Playbook any less though.

And a reminder: you can subscribe to the show in iTunes, and please do.

CHRONICLE - my @thesubstream video review from last year. Based on the discussion in this week’s Mamo - about whether JJ Abrams’ Star Wars film will be inspiring to a new generation of filmmakers the way Star Wars was to mine - I cherry-picked Chronicle as the  movie, today, which probably would have had the biggest impact on the young me, then. Here’s my written review as well, for more context.