Mamo is going to Ebertfest!

Tomorrow morning Matthew Price and myself point the Mamomobile south, to kick off 2012’s official Mamo Road Trip. We’ll be heading to Champaign, Illinois for five days, for the 14th annual Ebertfest. I’m thrilled beyond words with the programming we’ll be treated to - Joe vs. the Volcano for opening night; a Patton Oswalt double on Thursday with the actor presenting both Big Fan and Kind Hearts & Coronets; and one of my favourite films from last year, Take Shelter, presented on Saturday night by Michael Shannon and Jeff Nichols. We will, as usual, record a podcast or two from the road, and I’ll be sending back photos and blog posts from wherever there is wi-fi.

You can follow the podcast, as usual, at our web site,

Stuff to do while we’re gone:

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the Mamo summer box office contest! Entries close on May 3 (the day before The Avengers).

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Mamo on the rocks. #af2012 (Taken with instagram)

Mamo on the rocks. #af2012 (Taken with instagram)

Mamo #248: A Piece of Heaven Fell on Asheville

Mamo comes to you from ActionFest 2012 in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina! We chat up the film festival with a body count while contemplating the warm welcome our American cousins have given us all.

ActionFest, Day Two: Midnight run

Drainage culvert with 2 shadows.

I was likely no more than five minutes till the end of a screening of Transit, at around 11:00 last night, when Matty Price tapped me on the shoulder. He had left the film near the midpoint, during a prolonged sound problem. Now he was in the row of seats behind me, mouthing frantic information to me, with the moderate complication of having the lower half of his face falling below the shadow line of the row of seats, so all I could really see was a pair of eyebrows gesticulating wildly. He finally managed to convey to me that Kat was marooned in Charlotte, NC, and someone had to make the midnight run to go get her. This is, after all, Actionfest – so off we went.

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Mamo is back on the road again this week, heading to our second year at ActionFest! Stay tuned to for blog updates as they come in… in the meantime, enjoy this chop-socky video preview c/o The Substream.

Behind the scenes of today’s Mamo. Beautiful shot, beautiful place.

Behind the scenes of today’s Mamo. Beautiful shot, beautiful place.

Dinosaurs.  (Taken with instagram)

Dinosaurs. (Taken with instagram)

67 Super Seconds in Asheville. Video from ActionFest 2011.

West Virginia is the Longest Goddamned State in the World

I finally posted my pics from ActionFest on Flickr.


Four beautiful days in sunny Asheville, North Carolina, in which many foods were consumed and more than one ass kicked.

A couple of ActionFest-related videos posting later today, too.