From A to Bond: The Other Casino Royale

IN WHICH WE COME TO THE END. James is not James at all, and yet is seven people all at once.

My 22-and-then-some-part series comes to a clanging conclusion today on The Substream!

From A to Bond: Never Say Never Again

IT AIN’T OVER TILL JAMES BOND SAYS IT’S OVER! Never Say Never Again, in which James pulls an Indy IV, gets re-Thunderballed, and I learn a valuable lesson about done-ness.

Join me for Appendix A of From A to Bond as we step outside the franchise and look at "that one," today on The Substream!

Review: Skyfall

Can you believe we’re here? Nope. Me neither.

…Fifty years young, it is impossible to imagine a franchise as aged and venerable as the Bond frame coming away from its golden anniversary as current, and vital, as our James has done here. Skyfall sure doesn’t feel like a fifty-year-old.

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From A to Bond: By the numbers

One of the nice things about doing From A to Bond is that it’s let me reset my internal clock on where the real strengths of the franchise lie, and when. It’s also forced me to assign numerical values to all 22 episodes, which is not usually my style. Here’s how it fell out. Based on the franchise average (before Skyfall) of 6.3, I’d argue that anything at a 7 or higher is “one of the good ones”:

The 10s, i.e. the franchise at its best: Casino Royale, From Russia with Love, The Living Daylights, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The 9s: The Man With The Golden Gun, You Only Live Twice

The 8: Dr. No

The 7s: Goldfinger, License to Kill, Live and Let Die, Octopussy, Quantum of Solace

The 6: Tomorrow Never Dies, A View to a Kill, The World is Not Enough

The 5: Goldeneye

The 4: Thunderball

The 3s: Die Another Day, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me

The 2: Diamonds Are Forever

The 0: Moonraker

Bond actor averages (i.e. an exercise in numerical unfairness):

Lazenby (across 1 film): 10

Dalton (across 2 films): 8.75

Craig, before Skyfall (across 2 films): 8.5

Connery (across 6 “official” Eon films): 6.67

Moore (across 7 films): 5

Brosnan (across 4 films): 5

From A to Bond: You Only Live Twice

In which James turns Japanese, lives twice, and brings us to the last letter in From A to Bond!


From A to Bond: The World Is Not Enough

In which James breaks his shoulder, Elektra has daddy issues, and Christmas comes more than once a year.

Sophie Marceau with a gun in today’s installment of From A to Bond on the Substream!

From A to Bond: A View to a Kill


In which James sheds his Roger skin, yells May Day, and dances into the fire on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Roger Moore ends the Roger Moore era with a debonair wink today on The Substream!

From A to Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies

In which James delivers the news, Teri Hatcher is a desperate housewife, and Michelle Yeoh is awesome.

The final week of From A to Bond has begun on The Substream! SKYFALL awaits!

From A to Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me

In which James goes triple-X, walks like an Egyptian, and has the best car.

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