Destroy All Monsters: GOTHAM And The Cult Of "Before"

"The premiere episode of Gotham, the new crime series set in the eponymous city circa the death of Bruce and Martha Wayne, nicely outlines the core emptiness of the prequel concept, and the Pavlovian audience response that continues to support their creation.”

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Catwoman #43 by Jock


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The Toys, 2013

Once a year I look at my favourite toys from the preceding year. When I stopped buying a bunch of toys annually, and kept it to a relative handful (no wait: an actual handful!), this started getting less of a “top ___ list” and more of a “here’s what I did” list. Still, I’ve ranked them in order of awesomeness, because toys are awesome. There’s even a bit of psychological justification below, for those of you shaking your heads and wondering what my mother did wrong.

#1: Hot Toys MMS 188 The Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle


It’s kind of a pick-‘ems in the top slots here but I think Catwoman edges out Loki by a nose. (She has a lovely one.) This must be the only instance of rooted hair in my whole collection, which is (admittedly) a bit funky and will probably only become funkier over time. But Selina is blessed by the presence of her fancy eyewear and goggles, which do a good job of keeping those runaway locks clamped down; and the Anne Hathaway sculpt is fucking phenomenal. The only real problem is the price point, which is becoming Hot Toys’ major problem anyway. I think I paid $240 here? For a figure with a single accessory (Bat-pod not included)? That’s way on the high side. For comparison, the identically-equipped Black Widow from Iron Man 2 ran $140, just three years ago.

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Batman Returns


Batman Returns

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In which video game Catwoman does awesome video game Catwomany tyings

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What next, husband?

Well, next, eleven fractured days and long, dark nights.

What next, husband?

Well, next, eleven fractured days and long, dark nights.

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Play Arts Kai - Dark Knight Trilogy Catwoman. One of those rare, disconcerting instances where I like the package design even more than the figure design.

Straight outta Comic Con - Hot Toys photos, including ’60s Batman, Kingsley Mandarin, and mecha Whiplash.

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Joel Jurion

Wins on every level but that Supergirl is divine.