"Lasiurus," Batman Begins. An all time favourite.

Here’s to Batman, panic, and the 9-year anniversary of Mamo!

Here’s to Batman, panic, and the 9-year anniversary of Mamo!

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Oh so that’s how it went down.

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In which Batman trilogy is awesome

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Mamo #263: Up, Up, And Away

The Dark Knight rises again! Our last show on The Dark Knight Rises dealt necessarily with serious and troubling events offscreen. We return to the topic of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to uphold and celebrate the vast achievements and influences of this genre-defining enterprise, and to look ahead – to Superman, Nightwing, and any other thing that might be waiting in the (bat)wings.

Flashback: Mamo begins

Way back at the beginning of time, a podcast called Mamo got its start chatting about the reboot of the Batman franchise by indie director Christopher Nolan. Jump into the wayback machine and listen to Mamo begin!

Re-view: Batman Begins

Batman Begins is doomed to be one thing that no comic book fan with his wishes most fervent could ever have dreamed it would be: way too damn good for the audience it is entertaining. These people want the witless, day-glo antics of the Spider to assure them that bubble-gum heroism makes you look cool and gets you the girl; they don’t want brooding heroes who must contend with the razor-thin line between true justice and moral totalitarianism. They want Tom and Katie’s perverse, staged love affair a whole lot more than they want Rachel Dawes walking away from Bruce Wayne in the smoking ruins of his father’s house.

Those words from my review of Batman Begins in 2005, a perfect little time capsule in and of itself. Read the rest here.