#TIFF10, In Sum: The festival that doesn’t end

The last thing I do every year.

Breaking it down on 43 films in 11 days:

Twelve blog posts: A Sleeping Beauty, Film! On the March!, Snabba Cash, On Anger In Movie Theatres, No Cupcakes!, Into the Cave, My Festival Starts Now, Practical Mathematics, Membership Has Its Privileges, Dangerous Days, Nostalgia for the Light, Ab Aeterno

Two more blog posts: Enter the Light, A Kind of Old Man

Five podcasts: For the Love of Midnight Madness, For the Love of Mid-Festival Rantings, For the Love of Natalie Portman, For the Love of Cold Korean Vengeance, For the Love of Bed

Ten reviews: Balada Triste, Buried, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Black Swan, Vanishing on 7th Street, Deep in the Woods, Waiting for Superman, The Edge, Super, The Pipe

Five guest-starring roles: The Substream Night 1, The Substream Night 9, The Substream Night 10, Matty Price Day 1, Matineecast Part 4

The memorable films: Submarine, Make Believe, Rare Exports, Stake Land, Super, Bunraku, Genpin, Julia’s Eyes, Nostalgia for the Light, 13 Assassins, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Vanishing on 7th Street, The Trip, The Edge

The best of the year: Black Swan

And the adventure continues